Asher Bernstein


Mr. Bernstein is President and Principal of both Bernstein Real Estate and Lawrence Properties, an 85 year-old firm specializing in the management of luxury residences. He joined this family company in 1972. Under Mr. Bernstein's tutelage, the firm has grown from a staff of 12 to a staff of 50, new investment partners brought on board and new sources of funding realized.

His responsibilities encompass acquisitions of new properties, partner contacts and relationships, and strategic planning. Presently he is a Director of the Realty Advisory Board (RAB). He is also a Director and a member of the Executive Committee of AFA Protective Systems, a national alarm and security company. He is a former Chairman of the Young Men's/Women's Real Estate Association and has the distinction of winning both their Young Man and Senior Man of the Year Awards.

Mr. Bernstein has a BA degree from University College, New York University and an MBA from Columbia Business School where he graduated with honors.